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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Needed: Scalpels, Titanium Screws...& Superglue

As I continue to rehab, one of the omnipresent questions/concerns I continue to have is how strong - exactly - will  the new attachments between muscle/tendon/bone be where they reattached my ruptured quadriceps tendons to my kneecaps?

From my layman's perspective and medically-deficient level of understanding, I envision a much stronger tendon/bone connection, i.e. like a broken bone that mends, the body's natural healing process will create a stronger site than what existed previously.

And although I truly respect the medical professionals currently responsible for my care & rehabilitation, the answers I'm getting  - which range between "you really won't know for a year" to "it all depends" - just aren't making the grade for my inquisitive mind. 

So, after asking the same question a dozen different ways, one of the folks responsible for my rehab decided to put the issue to rest by showing me what they used to reattach my tendons.


Ummm, it didn't work.

As I know quite a few of my visitors have or know people with medical backgrounds...PLEASE send scalpels, medical grade (short) titanium screws...and superglue. I will forever disavow how they were obtained and completely release any/all from liability for my actions.


Happy Hump Day, folks!

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