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Friday, February 22, 2013

Rapid Assessment Bullseye

As most who visit this blog regularly know, I had some serious injuries to both legs on 13 January 2013. I am at home rehabbing/recuperating, and barring any significant setbacks, I will be back in a few months; hopefully good as new.

Anyway, for a variety of reasons, I want to share two glimpses of what happened within the first ~25 minutes of my fall on January 13th. Just as an FYI, outside of taking several CPR courses over the years, I have no special medical training or expertise. However, after years of competitive sports ( track & football ) and strength training, I sure as heck know how my legs should look and function.

+  +  +

Screenshot #1 below contains text messages between my wife and I beginning a few minutes after I fell.

With only two minor redactions, here is the verbatim email I sent to my supervisor ~15 minutes after I first "911" texted my wife. As I guessed I would be heavily medicated and/or otherwise out of it within 24 hours, I decided to notify him that I would probably be out of work on Monday.
As you contemplate the above, please consider the following:

  • I had jeans on, yet based upon what my legs were doing, and not doing, I assessed my injuries fairly accurately without being able to visually inspect my legs and with no trauma/medical expertise whatsoever. 
  • As it took ~25 minutes or so between when I hit the pavement and when I wrote the email above, suffice it to say that by that time I was in excruciating pain and probably well on my way to going into some phase of shock. My wife's first comment when she arrived, or at least the one I remember, was "You don't look so good."  A blanket was produced as we waited for the ambulance to arrive.
+  +  +

With the exception of during my surgery and a few other brief periods of time, I had my iPhone with me during my entire hospital stay.

Moving on; with my leg braces now open to 40 degrees flexion and using forearm crutches, I am now - weather permitting - walking a minimum of 1/2 mile per day, and I am beating the Hades out of my upper body using TRX straps ( excellent product/purchase ), GoFit resistance bands, and various other portable equipment. 

I am also exploring some healing techniques that are taking me places I've been before...and well beyond. Thank you, JH(F).

In other words...so far, so good.



  1. Wow, You the man. Get well soon. Thinkin' of you...

  2. I am very impressed! Keep up the great recovery! Peacegirl aka Carol