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Sunrise on Saturday, 14 MAY 2016

Sunrise on Saturday, 14 MAY 2016
One of my best pics yet

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Winding Down...

Sorry about the lack of posts as of late, but in all honesty, between ongoing ambulatory issues and the excellent job being done by Middle Susquehanna RiverKeeper Carol Parenzan...I am easing myself into a slow withdrawal from my previous level of river activism.

I will ALWAYS have the passion...but I am intentionally scaling back on the presence.
Anyway, here's another example of a boater who should not be allowed on the river again.

Fishing at the base of a low-head dam with no life jacket on is, in my opinion...
just plain stupid.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

This weekend @ Jim Thorpe, PA

Looking forward to attending this event.

"Even more remarkably, because someone had stolen his shoes just before he was due to compete, he found some discarded ones in a rubbish bin and won his medals wearing them. He is shown in the 1912 photo wearing two different shoes and extra socks because one shoe was too big."
Below: Jim Thorpe at the 1912 Olympics where he won 2 gold medals
More details about the weekend here.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

First Paddling Trip of 2016: Mauch Chunk Lake

My daughter is visiting from CA for a few weeks, and asked if we could go kayaking while she was in. I decided we'd do a sunrise paddle on Mauch Chunk Lake near Jim Thorpe, PA.
We left our house at 4:09 a.m. this morning, and arrived at the lake at ~5:15 a.m. The wind was really ripping down the length of the lake and the water was very choppy, so I decided to stay close to shore and keep the paddling trip brief...and safe. The air temperature was 44 degrees, and I'm sure the water wasn't much warmer; i.e. a perfect storm for instant hypothermia if we caught a bad wave. I erred on the extreme side of caution.
We were treated to a beautiful sunrise and some rainbows later in the morning as we drove through Jim Thorpe. We were back home by 8:30a.
Enjoy the pics below.


Below: Rainbow over Jim Thorpe's final resting place.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Middle Susquehanna RiverKeeper - Upcoming Event

If you haven't been keeping up with all things Susquehanna, perhaps you need to check out what our RiverKeeper is doing these days.
I look forward to watching Carol's many successes in the future.


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Now Comes Good Paddling...

The Susquehanna is one of the most ancient rivers on earth. Sections of it have been flowing the same course for close to 300 million years.
Throughout the years I've paddled it, I've seen waters levels so low and the river so clear that you could almost count every stone and see fish and other critters at depths of over 10 feet.
2015 was the first year in almost two decades that I did not get on the river once.
I hope to make up for it in 2016.
Here are some pics from days gone by. 


When Henry David Thoreau was about to die, his last spoken words were:
"Now comes good sailing. Moose. Indian."

It has been a good ride.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Susquehanna Makes #3 Spot on MER List

The Susquehanna River has been on American Rivers' Most Endangered list three times in the last 11 years; #1 in 2005 and 2011...and #3 in 2016.
Read more about this year's listing here, and read the entire report here. One of my RiverFest pics made the report, and I'm grateful for the acknowledgement.
Thanks, American Rivers. Good luck in your efforts.
I acknowledge and apologize for the recent lack of posts. Since ~mid January, I have been dealing with an unanticipated aftermath of my leg injuries from early 2013. The altered biomechanics of both legs from knee surgery have slowly & silently but most definitely wreaked havoc on my hips over the past few years. As my orthopedic surgeon quipped; "the train has left the station and it's not coming back."
Right now, I am doing everything I can to postpone the inevitable.
More in a few.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6, 1944: Raymond, Donald and Hillary

I've been posting/blogging online since October 1999, and as many of my fellow longtime bloggers know, I rarely stray into the arena of politics - and when I do - it's brief.
Over the past week or so, as I was thinking about today's post for one of my family history blogs,  images/thoughts of Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton kept popping up in my mind. And not just randomly. It happened far too often to be just a coincidence or insignificant, so whatever the connection is, I decided to do my best and run with it. Someone or something was prompting me to.
My Mom's brother, Raymond M. Raykovitz, died in WWII on March 6, 1944. Here's a link to today's brief post on The Raykovitz Chronicles.
I find it incredibly difficult to understand how, in a nation of over ~323 million people, we cannot come up with presidential front-runners better than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
The former is a complete egomaniacal flavor-of-the-moment buffoon, and the latter - among other shortcomings - has empty, soulless eyes; a thousand-yard stare with nothing of worthwhile merit to be found within.

In my personal opinion, neither is fit to lead this country...or me. I wouldn't follow either of them down a well-marked Boy Scout trail. And should there ever be a judgment day of reckoning for the USPS employee that was cashing checks meant for Gold Star parents, I would not be shocked to find a family connection to either or both of the folks mentioned above. 
I will vote in the upcoming ( less than ) presidential election. Unfortunately, if current standings hold, the lesser of two evils applies here. Then again, you never know what tomorrow might bring.
Raymond's burial @ Arlington - March 3, 1949.
I'd vote for him.
Above: Ray's Mother circa 1965. No further caption needed.

RIP, Ray. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

2016: Stark Realism on the Susquehanna

It all flows downstream...

I find it truly amazing that there are folks out there that still cannot ( or refuse to ) understand that we are responsible for the sorry state of the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay. 
When you flush the toilet, or pour who knows what down the drain or into a sewer grate...where - exactly - do you think that water ends up?
I wish all who promote PA's 2016 "River of the Year" the very best.
This year, amidst all the back-slapping and feel-good posters and 2016 R.O.Y. events, I'm going to document the Susquehanna from a different perspective.
Stark realism...without any sugar-coating.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 25, 2016