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Monday, July 12, 2010

SRBC: Nothing to Worry About?

As many folks know, an average auto mechanic can alter the mileage on a car's odometer fairly easily. So I ask, how hard can it be to reset or otherwise tamper with the meter reading on the pumps used to withdraw water from our streams and rivers for hydraulic fracturing?

There was way too much evidence of recent truck traffic at a water withdrawal site on Bowmans Creek in Wyoming County, PA when I visited it on Sunday, 7/11/2010. And since it rained the day before...I'll let you figure out the rest.

The triangle above the red dot on the USGS graph below represents ( approximately ) the ~135 cfs level required for water withdrawals on Bowmans Creek for the approved site by Sugar Hollow Road. Once it drops below that level, all withdrawals must cease. When creek levels rise again, it must stay above 135 cfs for 48 hours for withdrawals to resume. That did not happen...looks more like ~6 hours, at best. 

So I ask...who is minding the store while our streams are being sucked dry to line the pockets of natural gas companies? I'm sure there is a story here, and I'm waiting to hear it. I may need a Dramamine to be able to handle the spin.

"Bowman Creek, at the point of taking, is classified as a High-Quality Cold Water Fishery
(HQ-CWF) (Title 25, Chapter 93, Pennsylvania Code). Commission staff has calculated the
7-day, 10-year low flow (Q7-10) for Bowman Creek at the point of taking to be 2.01 cubic feet
per second (cfs) (901 gpm), and the average daily flow to be 152 cfs (68,079 gpm)."

By the way folks...it's BOWMANS Creek. Does that render your approval invalid?



  1. Yes, it is Bowmans Creek...and by the way it's WYALUSING...not WYALUSING ROCKS...who's the genius now?

  2. Maybe you should get your story straight before posting anything...those truck drivers have an apt close to there and park there with landowner approval...knowing this story is false only makes me question the validity of any of your postings...and your picture is NOT a picture of Bowmans Creek...but good job it probably did get someone's attention.

  3. To my Anonymous commentor(s):

    Thanks for stopping by. Are you saying there is no such place as Wyalusing Rocks in PA? Better call the Bradford County Chamber of Commerce and let them know they're wasting all their advertising/marketing $. And since your comments are attached to my 7/12 post, I'm guessing you are referencing the two pics on that post. So: the first picture is of Bowmans Creek from the Rte 29bridge looking downstream. See the folks in the water at the beginning of the swimming hole there? The third pic is from the bridge by the SRBC/RW withdrawal site looking downstream. I'm sure you recognize the two big rocks. They'll be there tomorrow if you want to double-check the validity of your claim. And the middle picture is of two trucks: nothing more, nothing less.

    Next time you have some comments for me, please use your real name and which drilling or drilling-related company you work for, please.