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Monday, May 1, 2023



To my friends at Encina that stop by regularly: Your game plan is as old as the hills. 

And as predictable. 

As I watch your latest moves unfold, I feel as if I'm leafing through an NFL playbook from the 1940's. 



Respectfully, I am once again highly recommending that you walk away from your proposed plastics-recycling plant along the Susquehanna River near Northumberland, PA. 

If by high noon on this coming Friday, May 5th, I do not see a notice online in every Northumberland County newspaper that you have decided - for whatever reason you decide to make up - to scrap plans for this recycling plant, I will have no choice but to enlist the services of one of the brightest and most relentlessly ruthless environmental activists on the face of this little blue dot in the cosmos.

The thought of taking this action has me, pardon the seasonal metaphor, wetting my plants.  

The clock is ticking, and the next move is yours. 




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