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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Truth v. Krancer: Clockwise, Please

In late May, I received a call from a longtime friend and avid outdoorsman who proceeded to tell me about some major drilling-related “events” taking place along Rte. 414 in Bradford County.

He asked me to come up as soon as possible to document some of the extensive surface blowout sites and bubbling streams. I did...and I went back three times to document more of the same. I still cannot believe the extent of the visible surface disruption I have personally witnessed, and I can only begin to imagine what’s going on under the surface and how it has and will continue to impact the regional aquifers and the residents in that area.

upstate rockwell road 07-22 034 from Don Williams on Vimeo.

When DEP Secretary Michael Krancer issued his “basically over” statement on July 12th in response to the first report released by Gas Safety Incorporated,  I decided had to do whatever was necessary to prove him wrong and expose him for what he truly is: a lobbyist for the natural gas industry.

IMHO, this follow-up report does exactly that. 

I could write war & peace on this latest in a series of drilling-related screw-ups and the ensuing collusive cover-ups by the boys from Harrisburg, but I will let the report speak for itself. Pure methane has replaced the oxygen in the soil in many spots over a significant area, perhaps 10+ square miles or more. People are unknowingly breathing in methane at levels which, in a few cases, have already produced serious side-effects and landed one gentlemen in the hospital twice…the same friend who brought this to my attention in the first place.

To all who read this post and the attached report:  this is as significant as it gets. Spread the word far and wide…to Albany, to New Jersey, to Poland, to Australia...and anywhere else people are dealing with or potentially facing the possibility that fracking may be in their future.

To all my friends along Rte. 414 and beyond: the ball is now in your court.  As many know, I've been doing this for a long time. Along with Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, I supported this second field survey by Gas Safety Inc. because of what I saw and believed. This is huge, and figuratively speaking, you've now got their ( DEP, Chesapeake, etc. ) noogies firmly nestled in a vise.

You know it, I know it and, trust me...THEY know it.

The decision you now have to make is which way
you’re going to turn the handle.
I'll be back.

P.S.: Thanks, Dan. Thanks, DCS.


  1. Sharing Don, and thanks for the follow up on this major incident.

  2. This is amazing and needs to be sent to every
    anti-fracking environmental group in NY and
    to all NY New stations; you would probably know how best to do that.

  3. Thank you for helping to get this report done. I wonder if the methane in McNett/McIntyre might be from older "events." There was an "incident" in July/August 2009 close to Parsons Hill (McNett), near some of the early wells drilled by East Resources. Only the briefest followup of it was given in the local papers.

    In McIntyre, on Memorial Day weekend 2010, I was staying at a friend's house in Roaring Branch (west of route 14) when for the first time their water supply ran grey/black. At that time, there were a couple of gas wells within a quarter to half a mile.

    All this to say, I fear that there are many "plumes" which are older than the one attributed to the Morse wells.

  4. Would someone be willing to summarize this report and put together a news release that could then be submitted to local papers such as the Towanda Daily Review and the Canton Sentinel? There's no guarantee they would print it (and likely they won't). Better yet, why not have a news event where this report is released for the local media (including TV stations from Elmira and Scranton) to do with what they like? Seems a shame to let this report just evaporate without any real event to prop it up.

  5. I took four trips to document what's going on along Rte. 414. Drove over 1,300 miles. Dropped $1,000.00 of my personal funds to support the July 25th field survey by GSI. It's your turn to take this report and run with it.