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Friday, September 7, 2012

Leroy Methane Report: Krancer in Denial...AGAIN!


From the boston.com article:

"In a July 12 letter to the Philadelphia-based Clean Air Council — which had commissioned an earlier methane survey by Gas Safety — Krancer said Chesapeake’s repair work had been successful, resulting in a ‘‘substantial decrease’’ in methane levels in the water wells and wetlands.

‘‘This situation was immediately grasped by the department and DEP immediately responded,’’ Krancer wrote. ‘‘The situation is, and at all times was, under control by DEP. Indeed, at this point in time the situation is for the most part over.’’
Two weeks later, Gas Safety returned to Leroy Township for a second survey, this one commissioned by environmental activist Don Williams and Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, an anti-drilling group based in the Poconos."

Read the rest here.

I will post a link to the full July 25th report here tomorrow.

In closing from the same article:

"Leroy Township residents Michael and Nancy Leighton knew they had a problem back in May when water from their well started boiling over the top.

Chesapeake installed a filtration system that removes methane from the well, but the Leightons said they still don’t trust it. The retired couple uses their water to bathe, cook and wash dishes — but not to drink. And DEP is still finding explosive levels of methane in the well’s head space, Michael Leighton said.
‘‘When is it going to go away? Nobody knows. They have no idea, even the scientists who have been up here,’’ said his wife. ‘‘The DEP is up here at least once a week. They know it’s not over. I don’t know where the secretary got his information from, but they know it’s not over.’’

DEP Secretary Michael Krancer says it's over.

The people living this nightmare say otherwise.
The facts say otherwise.
I simply ask...who do YOU believe?

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