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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tom Corbett: Shaler Republican?

I don't lay claim to this one, and someone may have used it previously, but I tripped across "Shaler Republican" for the first time here.

By the time Mr. Corbett and his Marcellus Miscreants are done with our state's waterways and forests, Shaler Republican may be the most civil moniker he is tagged with. 

I think it's high time to switch parties.



  1. It means that he is a Republican from a town named Shaler you doofus.

  2. Dear Mr(s). Anonymous Commenter: First, thanks for sharing your wit & wisdom on my blog. Second, it seems the obvious irony of the moniker "Shaler Republican" was lost on you. I am well aware of where Mr. Corbett resides, having read his online bio when he was running for Governor. I am also aware of where $800K+ in campaign contributions came from. ( Hint: Think Marcellus Sxxxx). I just found the coincidence hilarious. Next time I post anything regarding Mr. Corbett, I'll write it down a notch or two…just for you.

    BTW, if you choose to comment again, please refer to me as Mr. Doofus. Thanks.