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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Marcellus Maguires

Other than providing a link and maybe adding a few words now and then, I rarely devote an entire post to commenting about another blogger's offerings, so to my knowledge, this will be a first.

According to their profile, the Marcellus Maguires' blog first showed up in June 2010. Having grown up in the anthracite coal-mining region in NEPA, and having managed an office in Lehighton ( Carbon County, PA ) for a few years, I was well aware of the lore and legend of the Molly Maguires. The connection and relevance to our present-day Marcellus Shale mess was immediately apparent, and I became an instant follower. It seems as if they've pulled some of their posts in the last few months, but they're still around and although they don't write as frequently, I do look forward to seeing them show up on my blogroll. They are damn-near masters of what are blatantly obvious double-entendres, and their use of Gaelic phrases has me scrambling for translations on a regular basis.

Now to the meat and potatoes. Check out MM's latest post and then circle back. 

When the ITRR's surveillance bulletins were first posted online, I checked out many of them by date; i.e. those published on or around Earth Day, Gasstock, etc. I did find references to activities I was involved in, but I was ( darn ) never directly mentioned. I didn't have the time or desire to read every one, but Bulletin #139 would definitely have caught my attention. Having read ( I believe ) every Marcellus Maguires post, and remembering what I can from those that have evidently been kidnapped and are being held for ransom, they never once mentioned setting forest fires or assassinating anyone. Their use of phrases like "Dressed to Kill" are - at least to this reader - designed to give one pause...if only for a nanosecond. In other words - and my apologies if I p/o any of these guys - I think they get off yanking our cerebral chain. And based upon the content of Bulletin #139, they are exceptionally good at it when dealing with the under 50 ( I.Q. ) crowd.

Do I actually think the Marcellus Maguires would be involved in "lighting forest-fires as well as using explosives ("frags") against hydro-fracturing operations" ? Absolutely not. Do I think they should be closely "monitored"? Absolutely...for their spirit(s), energy and all-to-brief missives are definitely missing from the (mostly) limp-wristed anti-drilling crowd.

To the ITRR:  If you are counter-terrorism experts, then anyone who pays for and relies on your services is in deep harah. And if Bulletin #139 is any indication of the best you've got on a good day, then I'd suggest packing it up and issuing a complete refund of every cent you were paid by the taxpayers of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I wouldn't hire you to monitor my toilet paper supply, and you couldn't accurately assess risk if it was presented to you in duplicate...like right now. Analyze that.

Hmmmm...is there such a thing as a triple-entendre?

Anyway, to my fellow bloggers known as the Marcellus Maguires; I am equally of Austrian, Polish, Welsh, and Highlander ancestry. For the record, the Stiùbhard clan. I offer a personal and sincere tip of the Tam o' Shanter to you.

I hear your message loud and clear...and unlike the folks at the ITRR, I get it.

Ni neart go cur le cheile

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