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Friday, October 19, 2012

Energy in Depth NMI: Joe Parapraxis

"...soothe his environmental conscious?"


As a reminder, I've addressed Mr. Massaro's "intellectual" offerings previously.

In his latest attack, this time on actor Mark Ruffalo, the EID-NMI's answer to Norm Crosby came up with the gem below:

Read Mr. Massaro's complete attempt at trashing Mr. Ruffalo here.

Now...we all know he meant conscience. What we don't know is why his brain wouldn't let him recognize his obvious parapraxis. Then again, I guess you need to have a conscience to know the meaning of the word and its proper use.

Anyway, I'm not violating any copyright laws by using the screenshot above because that piece of drivel is anything but intellectual property.

P.S. Vast improvement on the headshot, Joe, but please try glasses. 

They make you look smarter...

P.P.S.  For those visitors not familiar with EID-NMI or what's going on in PA...these folks are fully funded by the natural gas industry and their job is to attack anyone and everyone opposed to what their industry is doing to the people and environment of PA. They even bribe pay people to attend meetings.

More over the weakened.

Did I write that?

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