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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Penn State's THON 2012-2013

Hosting 11 PSU kids, ranging from freshmen to seniors, along with their differing personalites...and appetites...and political viewpoints...is a neat way to spend a weekend.  Plus, supporting THON in this way is additionally rewarding on many levels.

It's Sunday morning, the kids are already out and about on their second day of "canning", and I've been up since ~4 a.m. watching the Orionid meteor shower...so I'm going to limit this post to some pics of the PSU crew's weekend @ our home.

Above: Counting the cash after day #1.
Below: Anything but standard cafeteria food...
A new favorite with the kids...Tortellini spinach soup.
Below: Chow's On!
Chit-chat after dinner and before the PSU-Iowa game
A trip to the bank is on the agenda this morning...
Enjoy your Sunday, folks.


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