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Friday, March 11, 2011

Speaking Words of Wisdom...

Here's some feedback I received via email today. Very well-written and exceptionally insightful.

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Thank you for testifying at the Philadelphia City Council. I came up to you afterwards and asked you for your e-mail. I've looked at your web site and learned a lot from it.

I wanted to get your opinion on what can be done and tell you my thoughts. I was inspired by the number of people who came to the hearing, and that there obviously were a lot of people there who are new to this. I wish I had thought to get a list of everyone who was there. Maybe it's possible to get such a list from the sponsoring group, Clean Water Action. I don't know.

I think many people were moved to speak out because of the series of articles in the New York Times. The articles got a response from the EPA as well. However, their response indicates that they don't intend to do anything except try to make it look like they're doing something. They have sent their top person, Lisa Jackson, to Pennsylvania to hold meetings. The thrust of her remarks has been that the matter is mainly in the hands of state regulators. And that means full-steam ahead with the drillers' agenda.

I don't see how the road to ending drilling in Pennsylvania can possibly lie through letters to congresspeople, hearings, trying to put pressure on the EPA, on state regulators, etc. etc. etc. Their intention is to let the drillers have their way, So what can be done? I want to pose this question to myself, to you, to everyone who is speaking out. I don't know the answer. I just want to get a discussion started.



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Dear S****,

Consider your discussion started. I overslept a little this morning, so I will respond to your queries over the weekend. As I work in cc Philly ( Cira Centre ), I'd be more than happy to meet with you and/or others to begin further discussions.


Don Williams

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