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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Journey to the Center of the Earth...Almost?

From the email Inbox:


B**  A**** passed me your recent videos of the “earth shaking where it shouldn’t…”

First, I need to warn you about such situations.  When the surface quakes under body weight like that, you should BE VERY CAREFUL.  That quakiness indicates a highly hydrated, liquefiable clay deposit or free water to some depth not far below the surface.  Under the stress of a “bouncing body weight” the surface layer can fail suddenly and plunge you into the underlying liquid medium of unknown depth, which at best is an unpleasant experience, at worst fatal.  Do be careful on such materials.
I found your two recent videos that appear to be a day apart with what appear to be noticeable changes in the configuration of the surface.  If that is not due to other folks “playing” on the surface, then the site must be very active and the prior warning regarding safety precautions should be amplified.

And another:

You could have:

1. Sunk into the great unknowns;
2. Been overcome by methane gas; or
3. Been exposed to any number of carcinogens.

I didn't shake your mucked up hand for a reason.

So there you have it. I was seconds, inches and/or a few extra pounds away from possible being sucked into the earth or being overcome by methane. Good thing I didn't have that fourth doughnut on the way up to Leroy...

Anyway, as you all know from posts from September 2010 when I paddled through the bubbling methane field on the Susquehanna River in Bradford County near Sugar Run...I already know what breathing in a little too much methane is like. 

To all of this, I pose a point or two for consideration. If you recall, the DCNR sold rights to drill under the Susquehanna to Chesapeake Energy a year or two back. They and others are drilling under streams and wetlands all the time. Additionally..time and time again I read statements from the natural gas industry "experts" offered as an explanation when something unanticipated (bad) happens: "...previously unknown underground faults."

So...to all those who recreate in and on our commonwealth's waterways, I ask you to think twice about the integrity of the bottom of the stream or river you are wading/boating in.

And cut down on the doughnuts.
The mulch pile is just about history. Enjoy your day.



  1. The mulch pile is almost gone?...that should help counteract the donuts!