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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Yep - I'm gonna go there, but not all in one post.
For starters: ffrf.org
Being (originally) from the Wyoming Valley, and visiting family there frequently, I keep abreast of daily happenings in NEPA through multiple sources.
Over the past few days, I've been following the latest activities of Justin Vacula.
First and foremost, I do not share Justin's beliefs, but I fully support his right to express them. That being said, all this hoopla about a banner that, at least from the pictures I've seen, is almost impossible to read from ground level without binoculars is approaching ridiculous.
So, without seeking permission but with respectful intent, I'm posting it here.

Now, for those that know me - especially my visitor(s) from Old Forge - you may be having a major WTF? moment right about now. Fear not and rest assured...I have not gone off the deep end. At least, not from my perspective.
Anyway, from time to time, I have been following Justin's online offerings since that Luzerne County Courthouse/nativity thing several years ago. Based upon what I can decipher from his writing and obvious resolve, he appears to be an intelligent and committed young man. Although I cannot recollect the exact wording of a statement I remember reading several years go that I believe came from Justin, my fading memory recalls something like "...bring me proof and I'll change my views."
As we all know, discussions about religion and politics can get kinda messy kinda quick. Right now, unlike others ( read the 100+ comments attached to the article linked at the beginning of this post ) I am choosing the high road and plan to remain there. 
Justin, as I know you'll find your way here, I'd like to grab a pizza and beer some weekend and start a dialogue. Give me a shout and we'll compare calendars.
Enjoy your post-Winter Solstice weekend, folks.  
More in a few.
Winter Solstice at Stonehenge

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