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Saturday, November 26, 2011

2011 Black Friday Road Trip

We were once again fortunate to have my Mom & Dad join us for Thanksgiving. For a variety of reasons, it was limited to a one-day affair, which meant a total of ~270 miles of driving in one day ( pick-up in the early morning, bring to our home, and return ) ...with an overnight ( for me ) on Thursday night in Kingston.

As in many prior years, this meant an exploratory road trip for me on Friday morning.  In the past, I usually headed north to Wyoming and Bradford Counties, taking pictures and - in some years -  paddling on the Susquehanna. This year, I decided to head in the general direction of home along Rte 115 - aka Sullivan's Trail - for most of the way.

Here are some pics and tales from Thanksgiving and my 2011 Black Friday Road trip.

Above: Time for dessert after dinner. Apple pie from Old Forge & mini-cheesecakes from Georgetown.

Below: Pics along Rte. 115 South beginning @ Wilkes-Barre.   

Taken by Don Williams on 25 Nov 2011

Below: Bear Creek below the dam looking downstream.

Below: I stopped at the Williams pipeline site to take more than a few pics of the facility. Security was lax, to say the least.

Below: This natural area was a neat find. I will be back to explore the trails when I have more time...and a gun. 

I've got to cut this post short, as I have some folks coming over early to help take down a tree in our backyard. Hopefully, all will go well.
Next post: My (too) close encounter with a bear along Creek Trail near Blakeslee, Jim Thorpe ( the man and the town ), paranormal activity at Bear Appetit, and the view from Flagstaff.


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