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Thursday, November 24, 2011

AP Story: Sue Paterno Turned Away

I hope this story is not true. So...it's okay for Joe Paterno's son to continue to coach PSU football, but his wife cannot take a morning swim in a PSU pool?

That is so wrong.

As the father of three children, and of a PSU student, I am deeply troubled  - at many levels - by all of the events of recent weeks.

More people were aware of the "alleged" incidents than we will ever know, and I believe there is a massive CYA cover-up underway in State College, Harrisburg, and who knows where else. I just hope someone steps forward and blows the lid off this thing. All we need is one good (wo)man to summon the courage to do the right thing. After the first step...it's easy.

Thanks in part to the media, it seems our culture has shifted from being tried before a jury of your peers to guilty until proven innocent.

Very sad.


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