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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whitewash in Philadelphia...and Harrisburg

According to CityPaper, over 100 people showed up. Fifty-six offered testimony, and fifty-five were clearly against natural gas drilling. I'd call that a whitewash.

Almost down to the second, I had prepared for a three-minute turn at the microphone, but with about ten speakers ahead of me, they announced that due to the number of folks still wanting to testify, they had to cut the time to two minutes for all those remaining. I was less than happy to have to cut my testimony short, but did the best I could to get my point across in the limited time allowed.

Philadelphia's City Hall is a beautiful building. I hope to find the time to take a full tour someday soon.

Speaking of whitewashes, our new Governor Tom-Tom Corbett has put together his Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission. Of the 30 members, 4 are from environmental groups and the remaining 26 are from government and the natural gas industry.

I did get a laugh that Terry Pegula was named to the panel. Lest ye forget, the Pegulas donated $360,000 to Corbett's campaign.

Pegula and his wife, Kim, were frequent funders of pro-drilling politicians. Kim Pegula donated the most money in 2010 to a single candidate: $360,000 to Tom Corbett.

Looks like business as usual in Harrisburg.

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