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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chesapeake's Ocmulgee

Folks, the amount of website traffic I've seen over the last few days has been incredible. Hundreds of Google searches for "Susquehanna bubbling" and similar queries have caused me to buy even more storage capacity from my hitmeter. This thing is going global. It's also decimating my lunch money fund.

Oh, and lest ye forget...back in May of this year, our very own DCNR - for a mere $6.15 million - sold the rights to drill under the Susquehanna to Chesapeake Energy. Read about it here.

Now for our international visitors not familiar with our Susquehanna River, the "bubbling waters" can be found between Towanda and the Wyoming County line.

Think there's any connection? Cause and effect coming into play?

Of course not!

Why do I say that? Simply because Chesapeake says it's not a problem:

Matt Sheppard, a Chesapeake spokesman, said that his company had extensive experience drilling in densely populated Fort Worth, Texas, and that wells beneath the Susquehanna posed no unusual challenges.
Well Mr. Sheppard, I beg to differ with you.

Bubbling Waters from Don Williams on Vimeo.

The Hitchiti ( Lower Creek ) called it Ocmulgee ( oak-mull-ghee ).

I call it unacceptable. 

If anyone is interested in seeing the bubbling waters up close and personal this weekend, get in touch with me directly at djw444@gmail.com

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