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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chesapeake opens Pandora's Box

I'm sure a few visitors to this blog have noticed the countdown gadget off to the left just below Moratorium Now. I began it back in May when it was announced that the DCNR has leased land under the Susquehanna River to Chesapeake Energy for natural gas "hydrofracturing". With so much drilling taking place less than a mile from the river, I knew then that it was only a matter of time before something like the methane bubbling on the north branch would occur. I know it's real easy and convenient for me to say that now, but for those who have been following this and my previous blog for more than a year or so, you know I nailed this from the start.

Well, it happened a lot faster than I anticipated, so I will be removing that SDW countdown and replacing it with another. I haven't decided on all the details, but I'm pretty sure it'll have something to do with next predictable event in this unfolding environmental tragedy being facilitated by our inept and clueless leaders. 

BTW, I'm sure everyone is truly comforted by DEP Secretary John Hanger's assurances that no environmental damage has been caused by this latest incident less than a week old.

In the meantime, methane is now bubbling into the Susquehanna River 24/7 in Bradford County, PA, USA.

And for any elected leaders reading this...this happened on YOUR watch.

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