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Monday, March 13, 2023

ENCINA: The PHMC says...

I attended an informational update/conference call hosted by Encina on Wednesday, March 1st, 2023. From waiting in the queue to the call's close, it lasted about 1h 47m. I was there for every minute, and on multiple points, I took notes. 

Based upon Encina's "in process" response to a Q? about archaeological studies at the site of the proposed plastics-recycling plant, I contacted the PHMC (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission) first thing the following morning using their formatted online portal. 

Surprise, surprise: According to two separate e-mail responses, there was nothing "in process" with PHMC under the name of Encina at any location near Northumberland.  

Fast forward to on online article today. In response to questions asked by an advocate for the Susquehanna, Encina provided the following:

Now, at this stage of my advanced youth, I just might be missing something that's been lost in translation. Or perhaps the PHMC overlooked Encina's application? Or perhaps Encina's application has been delayed/lost in the mail? Or perhaps Encina thinks we 'local yokels' are going to believe everything they tell us? 

Or perhaps...someone has stretched the truth just a tad? 

Per their website, Encina's BOD has some pretty impressive folks with degrees from places like Columbia, Harvard and Princeton. Wow. 

I extend sincere greetings...and welcome to my world. 


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