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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pipeline to Philadelphia: From Ugly to Vic****

As V follows U in our alphabet, so winds the predestined path of the Marcellus Shale invasion. 
Many years ago, well before many of the current "experts" started forming support groups, I told a fellow blogger that this whole Marcellus thingy was going to get ugly. Now, for the record, it's about to cross another threshold.
For those who visit regularly, you may remember me linking to this article over a year ago.
"It's probably not a problem getting within 15 to 20 miles of Philadelphia, where it's reasonably cost-effective to lay a big pipeline," Rinaldi said. The pipeline might follow existing rights of way along the turnpike or defunct rail lines.
And yesterday, this article showed up online.
"But the promoters of a new Philadelphia pipeline - as yet unmapped - say they aim to design the project with enough spare capacity to accommodate future growth."
As if watching the first performance of a play through the eyes of the playwright, I am observing this tragedy unfold for what feels like the hundredth time.

This script was written long ago and - off in the distance over the din of politicians, frackers and fracktivists - I think I hear Brünnhilde clearing her throat. 

Put away the yellow tape & banners and strap in, folks.
Ugly is about to become passé.

Mark 13:14

  On the Schuylkill - September 2009

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