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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


While doing some electronic housekeeping over the weekend, I discovered that a comment I had posted online using DISQUS had been removed/deleted.
Fortunately, DISQUS retains a copy of everything I've posted through them.
Here's - verbatim - what someone found worthy of deletion. 

So...I post using my own name and a slightly dated photo of the real me, and in what I considered to be an inoffensive and borderline professional manner, provide information that addresses and refutes the natural gas industry's totally misleading "solid bedrock" myth posted by another commenter...and my comment gets deep-sixed.
I've seen some real attack-mode garbage posted online by anonymous folks who can't get too far beyond 2 + 2 = 4. For whatever reason ( hint: sarcasm ), those comments seem to pass the censorship test.
Facts are facts, folks. 
Seems some people ( and/or media outlets ) can't handle the truth.

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