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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday's Random Offerings

Recently, between personal and professional issues, my days have been all over the map.
This post will follow that same path.
First, we've decided to sell my Dad's 1962 Chevrolet Bel-Air.
~13,320 original miles.
Garage-kept for decades.
No restoration here...gotta see it to believe it.
And yes...it starts on the first try.
I'll begin a full-court-press marketing campaign soon.

Below: The old "Straight Six" Chevrolet engine.
Below: The Bel-Air's bench style passenger seat.
Guessing not too many folks sat there.
 Took quite a few pics of today's sunrise. The low clouds made for some great colors.
Below is one of the many panoramic shots I tried.
Below: The Rising Sun Inn on Allentown Road in southeastern PA.
Historians believe the Liberty Bell was stored here overnight in its way from Philadelphia to Allentown in September 1777.
The main building dates to 1739. Great food here.
P.S.: Some believe it's haunted.
Never thought I'd be visiting the VA over the Easter weekend.
Get well soon, sailor.
Finally, some pics of my basement gym, where it's all happening.
And folks...it is happening.

Below: TRX straps.
Wish I had them 30 years ago. Unreal training aid, especially to get into a rock-bottom squatting position...and be able to stand up with minimal assistance. 

Have a great Sunday, folks. 
Off to bake some multi-grain biscuits.
Update: They turned out just fine...

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