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Get Ready for the New EPA

Get Ready for the New EPA

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Brule 2004 - Brule 2015

Over a decade ago, I decided I wanted to paddle the longest free-flowing, dam-free section of the Susquehanna,  which happens to be from Binghamton, NY to the inflatable dam @ Sunbury.
From July 2004 through October, a random group of paddlers and I completed the ~192 mile sojourn in four stages. The longest day - Stage 3 - was 62 miles. The shortest - Stage 2 - was ~40 miles.
I referred to the entire trip as Brule I. In 2015, I'm hearing that a regional outfitter is planning a trip from Cooperstown to the Chesapeake to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Etienne Brule's 1615 journey with the Susquehannocks from Sayre to the Chesapeake.
I hope I can make it.
Above: Put in @ Vestal - Stage 1.
Below: Put in @ Wysox - Stage 2.
More to follow.

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