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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stairs, Dogs, and Tubs.

My son and I spent most of Saturday hauling the last few large items up & down stairs at my Dad's house. We broke a pretty good sweat as we carried dressers, several wooden and metal closets,  mattresses & box springs, etc. from upstairs, and a few of the larger pieces of furniture from the basement. When all was said and done, the second floor & basement were almost empty and the first floor was definitely not.
Most of this stuff ( except the items from the basement ) is slated for either a local Goodwill-type service or the landfill. I hope it's the former, and everything is clean and in good shape. 
When we were done for the day, and after some Abe's hot dogs for lunch and a visit to see my Mom, we headed up Rte. 115 toward the PA Turnpike.
On the way, I decided to make a stop at the "Tubs".
Having an AWD car with new all-season radials made the trip up and down the unplowed hill a breeze. I hope the guy in the Prius who we saw coming down the hill as we were leaving was able to make it back out. I have one of those hybrid vehicles, and they aren't the best in the snow on hills.
Anyway, here are a few pics from our brief time at the Tubs on 04 Jan 14.
Finally for today, I'm only 8 days away from the one year "anniversary" of my fall on 1/13/13. 
For those who only recently began visiting regularly, I was carrying a heavy box down the set of steps pictured below...and missed the first step. With a large box in front of me, I could not break my fall with my arms, and the first thing to hit the concrete were both knees. The combination of gravity, forward momentum and about 325 lbs. of total weight caused both of my quadriceps tendons to be completely ruptured upon impact. In the collision of my knees vs. concrete...concrete won in a nanosecond knockout. 
Below: Pretty ugly, ehh?
Below: See the bump below my knee on the right?
That's where my kneecap was after the fall.
Hey, purple is a healing color...OK?
Anyway, I was fortunate to have surgery performed ~27 hours after the fall and had great follow-up care by some exceptional medical professionals and physical therapists, along with non-stop encouragement from family and friends. 
I still have some ground to cover before I achieve the goals I've set for myself, but so far, I'm right on target to meet & surpass them all. 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend...and be extra careful on steps.

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