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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Measure Thrice, Cut Once

Instant this, instant that...Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi everywhere.
With the continued growth of technology, the mindset and culture of our generation - especially our up and coming "leaders" - seems to be leaning more & more toward speed at the expense of accuracy.
I see it everywhere; work, home, and online. As I was checking out some LinkedIn profiles this morning, I found someone I work with had added a new title:  
"Manger of ....."
Now, I know they meant Manager. You know they meant Manager. But if you were a potential employer or recruiter...what would your first impression be?
Ad nauseam, I constantly remind our young college interns that if they take anything away from their time with us, it's the importance of making sure the information they provide to others is accurate. The time taken to double or even triple-check data is time well spent.
The oft-quoted craftsman's maxim "Measure twice, cut once" is both ageless and priceless.

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“Make every product better than it’s ever been done before. Make the parts you cannot see as well as the parts you can see. Use only the best materials, even for the most everyday items. Give the same attention to the smallest detail as you do to the largest. Design every item you make to last forever.”
Shaker Philosophy of Furniture Making

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Hve a nuce dy, eberyone. 

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