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Thursday, January 9, 2014


Well folks, I've decided to - albeit slowly - take this thing we call "blogging" to the next level.
I've purchased the domain name "srs444.com, ", and will eventually have a full blown website there...in time. It's a logical progression from my perspective, as I plan to be doing something online for the foreseeable future and quite a few years into retirement. Just FYI...it'll be several months before I start working with the new website, and I will add it to my blog roll when I begin regular updates. 
Anyway, between a sump pump that failed in the middle of the night a few days back and an indeterminate problem with our main floor's heating system...it's been a busy couple of days interspersed with some bouts of insomnia.

More on that in a few.
The second book that I received as a Christmas gift is an incredible resource for anyone interested in learning more about the Susquehannocks. Right now, I'm locked into reading about the struggles between the Susquehannocks & Iroquois that took place in the mid-1600's.
Truly amazing stuff.


  1. Your new books look very interesting, Don! I would like to read them sometime. I have a very long reading list right now which is frustrating. I know I will never live long enough to finish my reading! Carol

  2. Peacegirl: I have a second (softcover) copy. Interested in borrowing the same?