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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Book #2: Coal Dust on Your Feet.

Book #1 is done.
From my perspective, having read hundreds of books and journals about the Susquehanna, I did learn a few new things and am still thinking about some of the author's/contributor's ideas raised which differed from ( pretty much ) all that I had read in the past.
More about that in a future post.
The section of the book that I enjoyed the most came near the end, when several modern-day Native American residents of the Susquehanna watershed talked about their heritage, their connection to the river and its hills and valleys, and their hope for the future of their language and their culture.
I'll probably read those chapters one more time before I add this to my bookcase.
Thank you - D, D&A.
From what I can tell, this is the first volume in a series of books entitled "Stories of the Susquehanna Valley."
And as I just discovered, the second book in this series - Coal Dust on Your Feet -  has already been published.
Oh well...there goes the rest of my Christmas mad money.
Have a great weekend, folks.

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