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Friday, July 26, 2013

On Bent Knee, I Yield...

...but only for as long as it takes to write this post!

Over the past six months, on definitely more than one occasion, I have begun to write my final post. I actually stayed late after work last night and fleshed out another "swan song" that I was planning to post on Saturday.

For the record...I'm not in a "giving up" mindset by any stretch of the imagination. With my return to work, I'm just running out of time on a daily basis to accomplish all I need to do at work, at home, at my upstate obligations, at my recovery regimen...and my multiple blogs.

And when I find myself seconds away from pulling the plug on this blog...something always happens that convinces me otherwise. And when it does, I chuckle and think "It's a conspiracy"...and keep moving forward.

Here's the latest from one of the many co-conspirators that are determined to keep me in the game. It was in my Inbox this morning, timestamped at 12:43 a.m.:


dear don,

thank you, and thank you some more for your incredible posts, reflecting back and connecting history to present.

i was so shocked and sorry to read of your accident. i love your recovery posts. they inspired/inspire me to keep going - one day at a time, one battle at a time

big gratitude to your website and you, and especially your fabulous, courageous, inspiring recovery

There are only two folks on this entire planet that know who wrote that email. Then again, with what our governments are up to these days...there may be a few more.
But from me to you: 
No, thank YOU!
You inspired me months ago - and darn it - you've done it again.
In the days to follow, as we both move forward with confidence, I leave you with this:
P.S.: Stay healthy & safe. We've got work to do! 

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