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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tommy the Terminator ousts DCNR Secretary

This latest news out of H-burg is just hitting the wires this morning.

DCNR Secretary Richard Allan Resigns At Corbett's Request

No reasons for his resignation/termination have been provided so far. Perhaps Mr. Allan's "My hands are tied" statement at a recent public hearing didn't sit well with the Governor. Perhaps Mr. Allan, a Wilkes graduate, finally had enough watching the folks from the natural gas industry run roughshod over our public natural resources and told Toxic Tommy to kiss off.

Perhaps we'll never know. Then again, perhaps Mr. Allan will hold a press conference of his own and spill the beans about what really is going on behind closed doors in H-burg. As a (now) tax-paying private citizen of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Toxic Tommy and his team of prevaricating puppets now work for Mr. Allan.

Now that is a press conference I would definitely like to attend.

Anyway, a Wilkes College EnviSci graduate has been ( temporarily?) replaced by another Wilkes College EnviSci graduate as head of our DCNR. I happen to have been in many of the same classes the new "acting" DCNR Secretary took while she was attending Wilkes.

From a scientific perspective: I know what she knows, and I know her longer and ( I think ) better than most. I wish her well, and I truly hope - as a fellow child of the '70's - she will follow the right path.

As always, time will tell.

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