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Friday, June 14, 2013

Email to Spouse: A Cautionary Tale

The latest bit of news surrounding the forced resignation of PA DCNR Secretary Richard Allan comes for several anonymous sources.

Read more about AllanGate here.

So...according to multiple nameless sources, Mr. Allan wrote a "racially charged" email to his wife about another state employee.  And, according to the article, Mr. Allan's wife allowed it to be read by another state employee?


If true...very, very ill-advised on both ends of that email.  

I really do not trust our Governor, have almost no respect for the man, and pretty much dismiss anything he or his team has to say. However, on the slimmest of outside chances the storyline here is true, I'd highly recommend that our state government incorporate an standardized I.Q. test into its job application process going forward.

C'mon Mr. Allan. You've been fired. Tommy's smear campaign has begun. Now's your chance to clear the air. Hey...I got "A's" from Dr. Kaska. Whatever the truth might be, I would be more than willing to help you compose a statement and/or tell the real story behind your exit from the commonwealth's gas industry's DCNR.

We'll craft a divergent patois deftly laced with sarcasm and sprinkled with intimations that'll send them all scrambling for an interpreter.

Just to be crystal clear; my hands aren't tied.


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