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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Harrisburg's True Colors

For those that haven't read the "racially charged" emails between ousted DCNR head Richard Allan and his wife, you can view them here.
Let's face it folks, we all know a few B****** and P***** in the workplace. And in our personal lives. People whose mere existence spike the blood pressure and "darken a sunny day" the minute they come into view.
Oops!!!!! Was that a racially charged statement?

Methinks not. I borrowed it from an article published in 1857, and I can't ask Mr. Otis what he meant.

He's dead.

Webster's online dictionary has 15+ different interpretations/definitions of the word color. You can check them out here.
It is my interpretation/opinion that Patricia Allen used the word "colors" in her "Pandorean" email to mean this:
Only Richard Allan knows which of the ~15+ definitions of the word "COLORS"!!!!!!!! he was thinking of - and his exact contextual intent - when he wrote his "racially-charged" one word response to his wife's email. Mr. Allan used 8 exclamation points. Could that mean he was thinking of definition #8?

Of course, as Godvernor, Tom Corbett knows exactly what Richard Allan was thinking at that precise instant in time...right??
Perhaps the person that is allegedly undermining Patricia Allen is, in reality, a B****.  Perhaps not. Too bad they don't identify her.
However, the fact that even one red cent of my hard-earned tax dollars goes toward supporting these clueless clowns in Harrisburg is extremely offensive to me, both personally and professionally. 
I am having a recurring dream fantasy with increasing frequency. It becomes more vivid with each occurrence, yet it begins the same way every time: I open my eyes to find myself in an elevator, stuck between floors, with one other person; a certain Governor. 
Of the 50 possible scenarios, which Governor do you think it is?

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“Omnipotence and omniscience are the end of power and knowledge.” - Dejan Stojanovic

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