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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Plan your work...

...and work your plan.

Back in January, as I was spending a lot of time restricted to a hospital bed, I thought about the days, weeks and months ahead. At that time, I established several short-term, intermediate, and longer-term goals for myself as formal benchmarks in my recovery.
To date:
 - Get completely off HD painkillers within a month of surgery.
 - March in the Memorial Day Parade from Kingston to Forty-Fort.
 - Make the trip to Chicago for our niece's wedding this past weekend.

The next goal I set was to participate in RiverFest 2013. Barring any setbacks, I plan to be there as well. But, in the scheme of things, I still have a long way to go. Many of the goals I set for myself are far too personal and long-term to post here.
For now, anyway.
If you plan your work and then work your plan...goals can be met on or ahead of schedule and, in many cases, surpassed. All you need is the will to work through any bumps in the road you encounter along the way.
When I am knocking on the door of my longest-term & loftiest personal goal, which will probably take ~2 years, I will let everyone know.

Photo by D. LeVasseur

Above: Memorial Day 2013 on Wyoming Avenue
Above: Side view of "The Bean" in Chicago
Below: Underneath "The Bean" looking up
Above: Touching the past @ the Chicago Tribune building.
Below: Chicago skyline from atop the Navy Pier's Ferris Wheel.

Above: "The Dome" @ Notre Dame
 Below: Me & Knute outside ND Stadium
Hope to see everyone @ RiverFest

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