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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

THE EPA & DEP: Send in the Clueless

Sunrise on May 1st, 2013
As frequent visitors know, I recently started a blog to chronicle my father's side of our family. Over the weekend, I started a second blog to do the same for my mother's family. Conceptually, both have been in the works for awhile and are long overdue.
Those two projects are taking up an incredible amount of time and, from my personal perspective and for the immediate future, are far more important than what I'm doing here.
As a prelude to wrapping things up, a few days ago someone brought yet another issue to my attention which I feel deserves comment and action, that being the EPA's latest revelation that (oops!) they were wrong in their original estimates about the amount of methane being released into the atmosphere by the natural gas industry.
If you wish, you can read about it here .
I'm sure everyone will catch the following quote:
"Oil and gas drilling companies had pushed for the change..."
And the EPA complied with their wishes. Go figure.
Anyway, I'm not going to rehash prior posts in great detail. When I received a call from a friend in Bradford County last May (2012) about some major drilling-related "events" along Rte. 414, I took the three hour trip as soon as I could to see things firsthand. My initial post about these "events" is still, by far, the most frequently visited/commented post on this blog. 
Once I made the 350+ mile round trip and saw what was going on, I dropped a grand of my own money to help commission this scientific study of methane emissions in the region. And true to form, the industry attacked the credibility of one of the financial backers of the report ( not me...I'm just a blogger ) instead of the data itself...because they could not refute the facts presented.
I have once again been contacted, within the past few days, about the continued "events" along Rte. 414 in Bradford County. Livestock are dying. The ground is still belching methane 24/7 over multiple square miles, while at the same time, the EPA says methane emissions caused by the NGI are 20% less than previously estimated.

Not in Bradford County, they aren't.
Looks like I'm heading north again.

Back in a few.

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