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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tempus does truly Fugit

Still no progress on the Jennings/Lander watch on the right. The other two were easily dated, as both the Illinois and Elgin watch companies have websites with manufacturing dates listed by serial numbers. Watch #3 is much older than the first two.
As I make calls and network to put this latest family history-mystery behind me, I am discovering - both directly and indirectly - the difference between genuine relationships and those of convenience.
Duly noted.
Anyway...lots to do this weekend. Here are a few pics from life as we know it in our family.
My youngest daughter was at the Grand Canyon this week.
Another "safe" location for a photo...
Digging through the boxes of family archives, found these gems.
Above: My sister and I in ~1959.
Below: ~20 years later.

Below: On my maternal grandfather's knee in ~1955.
Below: My paternal great-grandmother, Sarah Maude Stewart, circa 1897.
Some of the many visitors to our backyard SeedFest.

The hospital bed & wheelchair are GONE!
And finally...it's time for a haircut.
Have a good weekend.


  1. It looks like you had the entry on the pocketwatch as an above-the-title entry - so it didn't get archived. Do you have a copy of it anywhere?

    I'm finding references to Jennings & Lander as silversmiths. And it looks like there is a Lander watch company out there:


  2. Try searching for "open face key wound pocket watch." Lots of similar-looking photos, from what I remember of your missing post.

  3. DB: Thanks for the info! I found a site with some historical newspapers from 1831 with references to TD Lander watches, but nothing more recent. I will post the pics when I return from my road trip to parts unknown.