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Monday, April 15, 2013

Recovery Update @ 90 Days

Photo taken 3/14/2013

It has been 90 days since my "freak" accident & reconstructive surgery to repair my (both legs) ruptured quadriceps tendons. I still have a lot of physical therapy  & rehab work ahead of me before I can walk "normally" again and get back to work, etc.; but I've closely followed the advice of my medical caregivers to date and - so far -  I'm glad I did.

Photo taken 4/14/2013

This past weekend - for the first time since my accident & surgery- I was able to cross my legs for several minutes without experiencing excruciating pain and, as simple as that may sound, it was a major milestone for me. I cannot do the same with my slower-to-respond left leg...but I'm working on it.

Sorry if the pic below bothers anyone, but I wanted to share the nature/extent of my injuries and just how far I've come over the past three months. See the swollen lump on my leg above the arrow? That's where my right kneecap was after I fell on 1/13/2013. In addition to completely rupturing both quadriceps tendons, I also ripped all of the connective tissue that kept my right kneecap in place. I remember pulling it back into (almost) place before I started going into shock. Or maybe it was after...

Photo taken 1/24/2013

Anyway - said it before...but thanks for all the cards & continued well-wishes. I'm still taking it a day at a time, but as you can see, I am continuing to move forward.

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