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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

PA SR 39: PA's Water for Sale - AGAIN?



The online link to the resolution can be found here.
So, the PFBC wants to charge for the consumptive use of our commonwealth's waters. Gee, I thought the Susquehanna River Basin Commission already did that? AND...they also want to charge a fee for the degradation of our waters as well?

Read more about it here, and check out what the SRBC already charges here!
I find it damn interesting that not one person, reporter or otherwise, has mentioned the SRBC in any of the articles or comment forums so far. Tells me a lot about how myopic and uninformed most of these "experts" really are.
My first Q?:  Who will determine/define what constitutes degradation? The PFBC? I thought the DEP was responsible for overseeing water quality issues? And will both the PFBC and SRBC be charging the natural gas folks for water withdrawals? Now that will definitely not fly in Corbettsburg.
Here are my thoughts: Amend the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to make the Secretary of the DEP ( for starters ) an elected vs. an appointed position. Let the people decide who they want in charge of protecting our commonwealth's public natural resources.
Then let the fireworks begin.
  Photo by Don Williams - Susquehanna @ Wysox, PA

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  1. Charging for water is part of Director Arway's initiative to 'shore up' the finances of the PFBC---which in a couple of years is facing a $9 million shortfall. They're already not hiring new WCO's (or in business parlance--'reducing unneeded staff') and had to find outside funding to keep two hatcheries open. And, there is a movement afoot to combine them with the Game Commission, so that Corbett gets another 'yes' man, since Director Arway has been pushing DEP.