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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Raging Chicken Squawks...Audubon Walks

Think people aren't watching? Think a single post or a tag-team of bloggers can't make a difference?
Follow this timeline:
Monday: September 3rd
Wednesday: September 5th
A comment from Raging Chicken about that post
Hello, My name is Sean Kitchen and I write for the Raging Chicken Press. I came across your article and was very intrigued, would you mind contacting me so we can talk about this a little more indepth? You can get a hold of me by emailing us at the RagingChickenPress@gmail.com, then ask to forward the email to me.

Thursday: September 6th
Multiple calls and emails to Raging Chicken Press
Monday: September 10th
Tuesday: September 11th
Comment to Raging Chicken from Audubon
Folks, we out here in cyberspace can and do make a difference. My message to all who wonder what to do next about the recently released second Leroy Methane Survey?
Get out there and spread the word.
You never know when another "Raging Chicken" post is just around the corner.

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