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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dear Chesapeake, DEP, et al: FUND THIS!

The natural gas industry has extremely deep pockets...and they're spending quite a bit of cash these days to go after anyone and everyone who opposes what they are doing to PA and elsewhere.

Between billboards...

...and the payroll and T&E's for this crew alone, I'm guessing they're dropping well above $100K every month. And that's what we know about. I'm also certain the $ being exchanged behind closed doors dwarfs that number considerably.
I have a suggestion to the guys and gals from the NG industry who approve and stroke those checks.
By your reaction, I know the recently released Leroy Methane Report II has struck a few nerves. Irrefragable facts have a way of sending you into a frenzied attack mode.
And in the limited time I have available each day, I have only begun to spread the word about what's still going on along Rte. 414.
You can bank on that.
Anyway...here's the deal. The DEP and the NGI folks say that the methane migration event in that area is essentially over. The facts say otherwise. Why don't YOU, i.e. the natural gas industry and/or the DEP, fund a third study of the Leroy area by the same folks that did the first two? They have state of the art equipment you don't, and as an independent company for hire, they'll do the same quality of work for you that they did for me, CAC and DCS.
A few caveats:
1. On a day of their choosing under ideal conditions, GSI performs an aerial flyover of the region to detect methane plumes at altitude.
2. They do a ground level assessment of the same area covered in the July 25th survey.
3. They be given random access to ALL properties impacted or potentially impacted in that area to take methane readings. If the DEP or NGI folks can go there, so can GSI.
4. No restrictions are to be placed on GSI whatsoever. None. You fund it...GSI does an independent field survey of the area as they deem necessary to get all the data they need.
5. I am to be copied on any/all communications with GSI. NOTHING from those communications will be posted here or forwarded to others, but I want to ensure point #4 is fully honored.
What's in it for you?
Once and for all...the Truth.
P.S.:  This offer expires on Friday, September 14th at COB.
Time's a wastin'...

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