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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Labor Day Weekend: Time to Swing Away

To all:

Unless something unanticipated happens, I will be in Bradford County for a few days on Labor Day weekend. I will be on the Susquehanna...over the field of bubbles near Sugar Run...on the two year anniversary ( Sunday, 9/2 ) of that event.

I am asking for some help. I need a place to pitch my tent and have access to "facilities". UPDATE: DONE.  I may need a shuttle or two. And I definitely am requesting access to as many of the bubbling hotspots along Rte. 414 as possible.

And finally...I need folks to realize that unless you're willing to step up to the plate and swing away...you'll never know what you can accomplish. Sitting on the sidelines accomplishes squat!

If anyone would like to join me ( I have two large kayaks and two tents that I'll be bringing along )...let me know.

From a well on H. Rockwhell Road - Photo by Don Williams

Would you let your kids drink that water?
P.S. - I'll bring the beer.

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