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Sunday, August 12, 2012

PA DEP: Transparent as MUD

According to this marker, the Department of Environmental Protection sampled this site along Rte. 414 in Leroy Township - Bradford County on May 30th, 2012 @ 1445h.

It's now August 12th. 

Where's the lab it was sent to...MARS?


This is the same site that I filmed my audition for mud dancing on May 26th.

They made me go back one more time! from Don Williams on Vimeo.

Where are the results of the sampling? Have they been lost or misfiled, too?

The cover-up and complicity between the DEP and Chesapeake absolutely reeks. I heard as recently as yesterday that a farmer's tractor hit a huge hole in the ground not too far from where these photos & video were taken. Almost couldn't get the tractor out of the hole...and this guy's been farming his land for quite some time. Knows every rock & rivulet.

In a letter dated July 12th, DEP Secretary Michael Krancer stated the following: 

"The situation is, and at all times was, under control by DEP," he wrote. "Indeed, at this point in time the situation is for the most part over."

Here we are, a month later, and farmers are finding holes in the ground where holes never existed before. Big holes that damn-near ate a tractor. I guess that hole is one part of the "situation" that's not quite over yet...

How many more holes are out there...in fields or wooded areas that kids might be playing in or walking through? How many more are going to show up in the days ahead? And what has to happen before the DEP and Chesapeake admit they shouldn't be drilling in this region?

Earlier this year at the EcoExpo, I heard DEP Secretary Michael Krancer say  ( I have it on tape ) that the DEP employs 2,600 experts.

As were seeing almost every day, quite a few of them are certainly experts at ignoring reality and withholding facts. I wonder...how many people are being exposed to dangerous levels of methane and who knows what else along Rte. 414? How many square miles have been impacted?
As a citizen of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am disgusted at what's going on in Harrisburg.

How about you?

Finally...for your viewing pleasure this morning:



  1. I think the bigger question is; "How long does it take for a DEP PR person to create a set of lies to explain this away?"

    I missed your updates and wondered where you were, but had faith that you would not desert these people and this area. Please be careful. DEP and CHK don't like it when people pee in their Cheerios.

  2. I check each day to see your news and hope this will be the day justice is served to the victims of this fracking nightmare. I am also collateral damage from this industry, but not nearly as bad as these poor folks. Hoping for good news soon.

  3. I'm waiting for a green light to release some important information. However, it seems some of the folks up there are questioning my motives. I have never asked for anything but access to the locations impacted. Nothing. I want to get the word out. The truth out. Nothing more or less. How anyone can believe o accept anything the gas companies are saying right about now just blows my mind.

  4. All these people have received from the gas companies is lie after lie, from the moment the land man stepped foot on their properties to present day. I hope they know your motives are pure and in the spirit of helping them. This information needs to be released to help them be made whole again, as well as help others who are in the same or similar situations.