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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Simply Put: The DEP is Lying

A local stream is bubbling methane more than ever. The ground is belching methane in spots where it shouldn't be. And locals are collecting methane in jars and lighting it from those very spots. And a prominent reporter from Harrisburg was there to witness all of that...yesterday.

Yesterday, folks. Monday, July 16, 2012. In Leroy Township, Bradford County. Right off of Rte. 414. Pics and videos aplenty will be on the wires soon.

And what does DEP Secretary Michael Krancer have to say about Leroy?

"The situation is, and at all times was, under control by DEP," he wrote. "Indeed, at this point in time the situation is for the most part over."

So, who's telling the truth? I think you already know.

I've been reading all the comments about the situation at Penn State lately. My son is in the honors college there...so I have some skin in the game.

Here's my two cents:

I would much rather stroke a tuition check to good old PSU than watch taxes taken out of my bi-weekly paycheck to support the incompetency and corruption in Harrisburg.

I spent close to two hours on the phone last night talking to some Ph.D-types about the issues in Leroy. There is a big storm brewing folks.


Stay tuned.



  1. Thanks for your updates! As far as gas drilling goes, the local media should be changing their name to Cricket Media...

  2. Don,apparently Leroy isn't the only place having methane problems of this magnitude....a friend of mine said this in another blog room:

    I got a call from a contact/friend last week who lives on the bayou, he was in a near panic and asked me to come down to assess the situation with the FLIR. I called Dr Tom Darrah who was already in Mississippi and he went down to evaluate it. It is a bad situation and he took samples, in the lab now. We most likely will be going back down there together once the lab work is done. My friend called me this morning and said there are now 8 National Guard men taking samples. All believe that a gas storage dome is leaking (substantially) And it had leaks the last time I was down there in Oct. 2012. Not to start a rumor but some fear that it may be collapsing...

  3. Any idea how soon this story will break? As you are aware, we are all upset over this and the lies from the DEP. We know about all the people investigating and keeping it all a secret, as well as the helicopters flying over. I figured this would be HUGE, as you say. I also knew the truth would be hidden from the public. Thanks so much for bringing us the truth.

  4. The timing and release of this information, and the details of what (s)he saw, are up to the reporter. I may be back up there this weekend if nothing hits today.

  5. Thanks Don. We all appreciate your time and efforts. What you are doing now, has the ability to help so many people in the long run.