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Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Well from Hell" is out of Control

"Nearly 200,000 cubic metres of gas a day are escaping from the base of the Elgin platform, 150 miles east of Aberdeen.
Workers reported seeing the sea "bubbling" and last night the gas flare was still burning on a nearby platform. Firefighting ships are on standby and all 238 workers have been taken off the rig."

If you haven't been following the natural gas rig spewing gas, oil and who know what else into the seas near Scotland, check it out here.

This is yet another example of the outstanding safety record the natural gas industry has for hi-tech and "minimal impact" drilling as well as their true concern for protecting our environment.

Speaking of lies, spend a few minutes checking out the latest pabulum from EID-NMI. Provided these young ladies - Nicole and Rachael - even bothered to obtain the correct spelling of the name of the main focus of their attack...and that would be DIANE, their BANANA acronym ( I wonder how many hours it took to come up with that one ) gave me direct insight into the amassed brainpower this group doesn't have.

What's even more comical is the number of supposedly intelligent "fracktivists" that got suckered into posting comments on their March 5th offering.

This is exactly what they want to happen. Fools...all.
Reminds me of one of the many campfire stories I told as part of the YMCA's Parent/Child program:
The Scorpion and the Frog. 


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