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Friday, March 30, 2012

Wells, Compressor Stations, and Tempers Flaring

Welcome to Fracking Friday.

We've got a gas well erupting off the coast of Scotland, a compressor station exploding in northeastern Pennsylvania, and a new lawsuit filed against our very own Department of Environmental Protection -  among others - challenging a law recently inked by our good governor, Toxic Tommy Corbett.  Read more about it here.

I'm sure the day will bring another round of "everything is fine" and "environmental damage is minimal" or "this is an isolated incident" from the NG folks and their allies. What else would you expect them to say?

After all...this is Pennsylvania. Time and time and time again, we have found that our leaders were corrupt, had their hands in someone else's pocket, and could lie with the best of them...even to themselves. Why should the current crop of despots be any different?

Because they say so?

Thanks to all the environmental watchdogs out there. Everything isn't fine...and the folks at Chesapeake, Cabot, Williams & elsewhere know it.

Don't give them room to breathe.

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