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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brule II - Final Descent of the Susquehanna

Beginning on July 31st of this year, I am planning a paddling trip of the longest free-flowing & dam free section of the Susquehanna, from Vestal NY to the Inflatable Dam near Sunbury PA. I did this trip once before, in four stages, in 2004. I'm going to slow down the pace a little this time around, but still plan to average ~30 to 35 miles per day.

This is not a float trip: you will break a sweat, get rained on, and deal with flying critters that bite. In between paddling strokes, you will witness the beauty & majesty of one of the most ancient rivers on earth. At night, the Milky Way will illuminate your mind and elevate your spirit. 

All who love the Susquehanna are welcome to join me. Details will be added as a separate page when I get a chance.

Start date:      31 July 2012
Finish date:   ~5 August 2012
Miles:            ~200

No sponsorships from the natural gas industry or its allies will be accepted.

Stay tuned.

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