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Sunday, February 19, 2012

THON 2012 raises $10.6 Million!

To all:
Thanks for the e-mails & texts from across the globe. My son had the honor - as far as we can tell - of receiving the most messages from outside the U.S. of A. I appreciate what everyone did to help keep him motivated and on his feet for the entire 46 hours. I am uploading a video from the event right now, and will be back when it's complete.

Here it is!

Here's some footage of one of the numerous "pump it up! energizing" sessions during THON 2012. The students @ Penn State University raised a record $10.6 Million for kids and their families dealing with pediatric cancer. When I zoom in for 30 seconds or so...my son is in the pink hat in the center of the screen doing his best to follow the session leaders on the stage. As he had classes on Friday...he's awake for ~33 hours straight at this point.

It was an absolute honor to witness THON.



  1. Congratulations to your son! Very impressive!


    1. Carol:

      Thanks. I was on my feet for 10 straight hours on Sunday...couldn't imagine doing 46+. He slept for ~15 hours after he got back to his house.