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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Theta Land Corp: It's B-a-a-a-c-k

To jog your memory a little, here's a brief snippet from 2002.

From the same article:

Mar. 15--Landfill/scrapyard magnate Louis DeNaples, identified as the mystery buyer of 44,000 acres of environmentally sensitive land in Northeastern Pennsylvania, denied involvement with the company that owns the land in a deposition last year.

DeNaples, questioned under oath in connection with lawsuits he filed against the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, said he was not involved with Theta Land Corp., which holds thousands of acres in five counties. The land was once protected from development to safeguard the local water supply. Theta was sold to an unidentified buyer in January 2000 by Southern Union Co.

Southern Union, owner of local gas utility PG Energy, has denied environmentalists' charges that it failed to get its shareholders a fair return on the land or take steps to protect it from overdevelopment. The Texas-based company, the fourth-largest natural gas supplier in the nation...

Fast forward to 2010: a Citizen's Voice article from today's headlines. According to this latest bit of news, the proposed drilling site is in Plains Township. Plains Township. And, if the well produces, Rice Energy LLC plans on drilling more wells...possibly on more Theta-owned land (?).

I shudder to think what all that fracking below land that was heavily-mined for close to a century is going to do. What roads will the tanker trucks be using to get to the site in Plains? Where will they be getting the water for fracking? Subsidence insurance, anyone?

To my friends who live within the walls of the Wyoming Valley, welcome to NIMBYville.

Connect the dots, folks. Once again, you have been had.

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