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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Facts vs. Fantasies

Unlike Bowmans Creek, the e-mails have been flowing fast & furious. Yesterday, one writer claimed there was a fish kill on Bowmans Creek. Another claimed that Governor Rendell placed a ban on all water withdrawals in PA except for the Susquehanna River. Neither have been substantiated as of this morning.

If you want to help the cause, please provide facts. Provide pictures. Link back to the source of the information. I won't post information on this blog from third parties that I cannot verify to my satisfaction. I've worked too long over the past decade+ to achieve some level of credibility with my network of contacts to throw it all away with one egregiously erroneous post.

Want help getting the news out quickly? Get it right ( & complete ) the first time. Thanks.

BTW, for those who have not lived around corn fields during a drought...this is what dry looks like.

Photo courtesy of DK Natt

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