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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

06JAN2021: Dear Senators Cruz, Hawley...et al


To all those elected officials who will be attempting to negate my vote today:

I am a native born son of the Valley of Wyoming, and I've resided in southeastern PA for the past 33+ years. I take my right and responsibility to vote VERY seriously. From my viewpoint, what you have stated you are planning to do today is in direct violation of your oath of office and the Constitution. 

Plain and simple: I view you, along with your next two levels of leadership, as cowards, traitors and domestic enemies of the United Sates of America.  

I will not allow you to dishonor my ancestors who served in WWI, WWII and the Korean War in defense of this country and all it once stood for.   

You want to negate my vote? Come and take it from me. 

I'll be waiting. 

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