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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The "Oldest House": Stories to Tell

After multiple drive-bys over the years, I finally had a chance to tour the inside of the Oldest House in Laceyville, PA on 10/10/10.

Built in 1781, it was around when George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin were still alive and kicking. It was about 50 years old when Sitting Bull was born on the Great Plains of South Dakota.

Put that Ojeenqua in your Calumet and smoke it.

The centerpiece of the house is a massive 8' x 12' stone fireplace that begins in the lowest level ( keeping room ) and continues upward through the main and second stories.

If you ever find yourself on Pennsylvania's Rte. 6 between Tunkhannock and Towanda, make it a point to stop by and see the "Oldest House" in Laceyville. Drink deeply of the history within, and any cold spots you may encounter on the second floor are a figment of your imagination.

Then again...

The Oldest House - built in 1781.

The massive 8' x 12' hearth in the keeping room

A 12" x 12" Black Walnut Beam

Register

 A Stock Certificate from 1866

Aunt Emma Williams Lived Here - 1901-1930

Bedroom on the Second Floor 

Steps to 2nd Floor 

What's that bright spot...?

A young child rumored to have died in this house

Hope you enjoyed the pics.


  1. Don, Thank you for the writeup and beautiful photos of the Oldest House. Be sure to come visit us this summer. We'll be open weekends from mid May through September. Brian and Carol Stein, volunteer guides at the Oldest House.

  2. I was the last family to occupy this home. My mom was Patricia Gordon Morrison and her father, of course, was Gordon Morrison. My dad was Rexford Grose. There was 7 children living in this home at one time. We moved from this home sometime in the late 60's/early 70's. I really have alot of memories from there... Carol Ann (Grose)caroltrask@bellsouth.net